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Magna-Tech P/M Labs

Research and Development, Testing, Consulting


Material Solutions For You Our Customer

Magna-Tech P/M Labs provides research and development, testing services and consulting in the field of materials engineering. In particular, Magna-Tech specializes in surface technology, heat treating, stainless steels, magnetics and powder metallurgy (P/M) technology.

What Can Magna-Tech Do For You

  • Expertise on surface technologies, magnetics, P/M processing and various alloys
  • Test services and consulting for magnetic testing (ASTM specification), chemical analysis and physical analysis 
  • Test services and consulting for development of powders and powder processes
  • Heat treating services and development of procedures of stainless steels
  • Informative written papers on ferrous materials and their processes
What You Can Expect From Magna-Tech
  • Quick response to requests for quotations
  • Preparation of detailed proposals for research and development
  • Detailed results in a timely fashion of test results

At Magna-Tech, our customers are our primary interest. We understand you require rapid response for the data to be most useful to you our customer. For limited testing, results are normally available within a week. For more extensive projects, a schedule of work to be accomplished is provided. The thoroughness and rapid response results in favorable customer referral.