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Magna-Tech was organized in 1985.  It started out as a joint business venture between Ken Moyer and Windfall Products, a former metal components manufacturer.  The venture included consulting and development of processes for ferritic, stainless steel, magnetic and P/M applications. In 1990 Mr. Moyer and his wife took ownership of the company.  Since the transition Magna-Tech has worked with companies such as Quebec Metal Products, Glidden, Elkem Metal Powders, FW Winter, Solar Atmospheres and Picut Industries to develop powders and processes. 

Magna-Tech's Recent Activities

  • 5 governmental contracts
    • Development of High Temperature Carburizing process for corrosion resistance of martensitic and low alloy steels
    • Development of High Temperature Nitriding process for corrosion resistance of martensitic and low alloy steels
    • Development of Phosphorous-Iron Powder Alloys
    • Development of Iron-Aluminum Powder Alloys
    • Development of Powder Metals Alloy for wear and corrosion resistance

  • Commercial Industry Contracts
    • Assisting users of HyMu 80 and other magnetic material to develop repeatability to the heat treating process to optimize magnetic properties
    • Development of Tungsten-Carbide nozzels
    • Development of stainless steel products for specialized applications

Magna-Tech is proud to be a customer based company.  As a company, Magna-Tech strives to meet their customer's need quickly and efficiently.

Magn-Tech is led by President Ken Moyer who is a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1954 and received a BS and MS Degree in Metallurgical Engineering at The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

Mr. Moyer has written over 100 technical papers on magnetics and stainless steels and the papers can be made available upon request.  At this time Mr. Moyer has received a patent on High Temperature Carburizing and is currently working on bringing the practice to market.  Magna-Tech also holds a patent in Magnetic Powder Metallurgy and currently waiting on one for High Temperature Nitriding.

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